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Personal Services

Debit Card Services

A Peoples National Bank Debit Mastercard® adds an exciting new dimension of convenience to your checking account. You can use it to access cash from your PNB account at any ATM that displays the Mastercard®, Pulse®, Visa®, Visa Plus® Shazam®, or Cirrus® logos or make a purchase from any merchant around town or online that accepts Mastercard®. Your cash withdrawals and purchases will be detailed on your monthly checking account statement with the place, date, and amount listed for each transaction - everything you need to know for simplified record-keeping.

**To report loss, theft, or unauthorized use, please call 309-853-3333 for further instructions**

Hometown Pride Debit Cards – Available in Annawan Braves, Annawan-Wethersfield Titans, Bureau Valley Storm, Dwight Township Trojans, Erie-Prophetstown Panthers, Galva Wildcats, Kewanee Boilermakers, Rockridge Rockets, Seneca Fighting Irish, Stark County Rebels, and Wethersfield Flying Geese.

Check Services

  • Money Orders
  • Cashier Checks
  • Wire Transfers

Storage Facility Services

  • Safe Deposit Box (Not available at Annawan Location)

Payment Collection Services

  • Utility Payments*
    • Kewanee Location – Ameren
    • Annawan Location – Ameren, Annawan Water
    • Bradford Location – Ameren
    • Dwight Location – This location does not accept utility payments.
    • Manlius Location – Manlius Water
    • Reynolds Location – Reynolds Water
    • Seneca Location – This locations does not accept utility payments.
    • Sheffield Location – Ameren, Sheffield Water
    • Tampico Location – This location does not accept utility payments.
  • Real Estate Taxes*
    • Kewanee Location – Henry County Taxes
    • Annawan Location – Henry County Taxes
    • Bradford Location – Bureau and Stark County Taxes
    • Dwight Location – Livingston and LaSalle County Taxes
    • Manlius Location – Bureau County Taxes
    • Reynolds Location – Mercer and Rock Island County Taxes
    • Seneca Location – Livingston and LaSalle County Taxes
    • Sheffield Location – Bureau County Taxes
    • Tampico Location – Whiteside County Taxes

Automobile License Services

  • License Stickers – all locations
  • Title and Transfer of Plates from Vehicle to Vehicle – Kewanee, Annawan, Bradford, Sheffield
  • New License Plates and Titles – Kewanee, Bradford (except for motorcycles), Sheffield
  • Lost Title Replacement – Kewanee, Annawan, Bradford, Sheffield
  • Corrected Title – Kewanee, Annawan, Bradford, Sheffield

Educational Services

  • Bank Tours

Additional Bank Services

  • Check Ordering
  • Notary Public*
  • Copy Machine*
  • Fax Machine*
  • After Hour Depository
  • Foreign Currency
  • Online and Mobile Banking

*Note – Services marked with * are not exclusive to PNB customers. Fees may apply.