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Professional Farm Management Services

Peoples National Bank of Kewanee’s Professional Farm Management Services department provides timely care of Illinois farmland investments for absentee owners.  Whether you are local and wish to reduce the burdens of recordkeeping for your farm, or a busy absentee landowner, we can help you enjoy ownership of your farm property.  With a personally tailored approach, we assist landowners in reaching their farmland ownership goals using fiduciary responsibility, prudent care for your farm, and prioritize issues concerning conservation/preservation of your valuable Illinois farmland asset.
We proudly serve local landowners, but also represent the interests of absentee farm owners in 23 states, Washington D.C., and Europe.  We enjoy managing farm properties and are involved in this work each and every day.  In addition to serving as agent for individual landowners, we also represent limited liability corporations, guardianships, trusts and trust beneficiaries, and provide expertise as a court appointed receiver of farmland.



  • Discuss goals/desires of land owner to determine objectives of ownership.
  • Work under the overriding goal of helping farmland owners continue to receive enjoyment of their farmland investment, while relieving the day to day burdens associated with management.
    • Grain marketing
    • Payment of crop input, insurance premiums, real estate taxes, and other bills
    • Input selection oversight
    • Lease type selection & negotiation
    • Tenant settlements
    • Soil testing and fertility recommendations
    • Tenant selection, when/if required
    • Capital improvement supervision
    • Cooperation with contractors, as required
    • Government program analysis and enrollment
    • Crop insurance analysis and enrollment
    • Demolition project oversight



  • Transaction reports
  • Income cash recapitulation
  • Financial reports
  • Income & expense budgeting
  • Cash flow budgeting
  • Capital improvement budgeting
  • Delivery of complete financial reporting to your tax professional
  • Timely property inspections with photos/narrative reports
  • Personalized phone, U.S. mail, text, and email correspondence



Cooperate with seed corn suppliers annually to plan and oversee a variety research plot, located on a managed farm property, to enhance knowledge of latest available corn hybrids.



  • Professional Farm Management
  • Farm Consultation
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Available to manage farm properties in all PNB market areas